Custom Corporal Punishment Artwork

vistorian girl spankedThis WordPress site is a blogging front end for posercpart.com, which is dedicated to custom corporal punishment art. Through illustrations and heavily illustrated stories, it strives to achieve effects similar to a library of plausible and historically accurate romance novels.

Not too mild and not too heavy – with free and member’s areas, it fills a niche with material that’s hard to find elsewhere.

Site Theme

Traditional (M/F, F/M, F/F) CP carried out in authoritarian settings (prison, school, domestic), where the characters act thinly oblivious to the inherent sexuality of administering discipline – to a well shaped, submissively posed backside; which take place in time periods or places where such practices were (or are) a very much justified, accepted and even encouraged norm.

Site Philosophy

There is an actual “ART” to refining and portraying what turns some of us on about CP. It’s often not easy to describe much less capture. It can be a plausible scene, just the right expression, or an alluring turn of phrase. To be frank: porn is some dim wits unimaginatively spanking each other in the house. The posercpart website strives to be better than that. “Art” takes a LOT more insight, thought and work.

19 Responses to About

  1. Owner of Two Eyebrows says:

    Do you have an email address? I can’t afford to subscribe to your site, but I would like to mail you some Poser-created stuff of my own that might interest you, and which you might even want to make available to your readers.

  2. Cheryl says:

    So very special i would love to order one of my father spanking me when I was 10 no matter the cost would I mail you the picture of he and me?? Let meknow Cheryl

  3. Mike says:

    Many of these pictures do remind me of when I was severely punished by my Grandmother. And believe me when I tell you: She knew the meaning of the word “whipping” and how to apply the leather strap to my bare bottom whenever I needed it, and looking back on it, it was well deserved, too. Mike

  4. ian warrick says:

    Can these be purchased as prints

  5. Poser Artist says:

    Nothing is in place right now to offer artwork as prints. Please feel free however, to make any prints you’d like for your own personal use.

  6. Professor says:

    Is spanking art via a poser program the only venue which you accept submissions? I work in photo manipulation with a focus on F/M (mature F spanking younger M (legal age of course)

    • Poser Artist says:

      Well, sort of. While the vast majority of my work is in Poser, I have used Photoshop and Fireworks for background scenes, as well as the opposite – working photos of characters/customers into fantasy scenes.

      • Professor says:

        So this is all of YOUR work here? This is wonderful. You are very accomplished! I do enjoy the F/M in particular. I have been fascinated by F/M spanking art since I was little and sought out every Mommy, teacher, matron spanking image I could find. Initially I worked with lead pencils, then getting burned out, I switched to photo manipulation.

  7. Poser Artist says:

    Thanks! Please checkout the Links section of the site. It has links to the products I use…

  8. Poser Artist says:

    By the way – if there are any women out there who can actually write (or at least give me feedback on what I might change to make the stories better) – I could use your help!

  9. Don says:

    Thanks for all of this, I need to check for changes to see the time line here. Your work reminds me very much of when I had a step mother from age 11 till almost 15 who kept me harshly disciplined. Prob for the better….it molded my personality and desire to do good and succeed.
    The one comment I might make is that most moms, aunts, grans tend to strip a lad of any age, completely. It establishes control, and breaks down all of his pride and barriers. And moms should not think they can stop spanking, it is needed at many ages.

    Again, I appreciate your work and wish there were more of it!

    • Poser Artist says:

      Many thanks! I’ll keep it in mind, although I find partially disrobing (to hypocritically avoid any sexual innuendos!) more plausible (and exciting, I love the denial of the sexuality inherent in these scenarios!) – so I’ll have to think about what you’ve written. Please feel free to email me with any suggestions or realistic details from your experiences: info at posercpart dot com. I’m always on the lookout for good written material to work into an illustrated story.
      I always have several works on the go. Often lighting, skin tones, facial expressions and just the right appeal of the whole scene eludes me – and at other times I’m at a loss for the right words – so there’s lots of stuff sitting on my workstation that has not made it out to the site. If posercpart were more of a commercial site there would be more out there of course (just for the sake of putting stuff out there), but I don’t want posercpart to be just another one of those.
      Again, many thanks for your kind words!

  10. Jenny May says:

    What a shame you have discontinued up dating the site, this is not a criticism as I quite understand the pressures of maintaining a site. I like both F/M and M/F and both your drawings in this category hit the spot. Best wishes.

    • Poser Artist says:

      Hi Jenny May – am going thru some personal problems right now, which I hope to be done with in a few months. Stay tuned… In the meantime – many thanks for the kind words!

  11. Brigitte says:

    Hi, would you consider illustrating one of our older stories ?

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